Sustainability is the basis of our activity in DTA. For us, sustainable corporate success means taking responsibility for the environment, our employees and our society, regarding our product and service along our supply chain of our suppliers’ products.

The 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN Sustainable Development Goals) ensure sustainable development in the ecological, economic and social spheres of activity worldwide. DTA’s sustainability strategy is in line with these global objectives in its share.

In addition, by initially understanding the real need of the user and through collaborations with well-known companies abroad and experienced companies in Greece, we provide the best technical and financial solution in upgrading the production and operation of their facilities, but also its energy saving and green footprint.

This way we contribute to the 9th UN Sustainable Development Goal “INDUSTRY, INNOVATION AND INFRASTRUCTURE” where technological progress is the basis of our efforts to achieve environmental goals such as the increase of the resources and the energy efficiency. Just as without technology and innovation there is no industrialization, similarly there is no development without industrialization.


In addition, by providing the best technical solutions through our cooperation with Norwegian Greentech in cleaning the ballast water of the fleet of Greek and Cypriot interests, we contribute to the 14th UN Sustainable Development Goal “LIFE IN THE WATER” where careful management of this great global resource is the key to a sustainable future.

Finally, to ensure that this corporate vision becomes a viable reality, we follow all the rules that apply to us regarding DTA Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), its zero footprint, recycling, and all relevant decisions regarding the sustainable development of DTA.